This is the Way (2023)

Das 8. Album beinhaltet immer mehr Vocals und mischt Space-Rock mit Klavier und Pop.


Release: 23-April-2023 auf Bandcamp



This is the Way
This is the Way
  1. Ride on the Waves of Hyperspace
  2. The Day the Rain came
  3. Gedanken des Lebens
  4. Let’s go Crazy
  5. Check the Distance
  6. Waking Up
  7. Can you hear my thoughts
  8. One Minute Break
  9. I try to hide from you
  10. Lost in Fear
  11. Cryo Chamber
  12. Last phone call
  13. Interlude
  14. Timeout
  15. Ball pit party
  16. Illuminated Person
  17. Heal the Nature